Immune-Oncology Drugs: Ready for First Line Therapy?

10:15 AM–11:15 AM Jun 22, 2017

Room 7A, Upper Level

Recent data from biologicals suggest that immune checkpoint inhibitors Keytruda, Opdivo and others which block immune evasion by the tumor have had remarkable success in the clinic. However, tempering the success of immune-oncology (IO) agents are limited patient responses within a given tumor type and in some cases severe autoimmune side effects. This panel looks to address whether the new IO drugs will, as predicted, supplant tumoricidal drugs and radiation as first line therapy for most cancers. Additionally, the session will look to answer these questions: Are they affordable? Do biomarkers exist to identify treatable patients and monitor therapy? Can they be combined with other IO drugs or tumoricidal drugs to achieve maximum efficacy? Can immune side effects be minimized?

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Session ID: 21995