We have witnessed tremendous progress in cancer R&D over the past two decades and the pace is accelerating rapidly. The advent of cancer immunotherapy, a field which exploded with the 2011 FDA approval of Yervoy (ipilimumab) for the treatment of metastatic melanoma, is profoundly reshaping the oncology landscape. Checkpoint inhibitors are becoming a centerpiece of combination regimens across a majority of tumor types and the race is on to find the optimal combination partners to drive more patients into long term remission and even cure. The progress has been astounding, but how do emerging company and pharma R&D programs alike stay relevant and deliver value in the midst of the unparalleled speed with which the field is developing? What will success look like in 5-10 years? What can patients expect? How will value be measured? This session will offer perspectives on this rapidly evolving ecosystem from innovator, drug developer, regulator, payer and investor.

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