10:45am – 11:00am

Wainwright Fishburn, Chair, BIO Digital Health Track; Partner, Cooley, LLP 

Are we on the cusp of widespread advancement of the use of hardware and software technology to enhance both the quality and cost of care? Where are we on the cycle of adoption and innovation? The consumerization of healthcare continues to accelerate as thetrend of out-of-pocket expenses for consumers continues to rise.  How is this trend shaping the delivery of healthcare and which companies are at the forefront of these trends?

Unchartered Territory: The Growth of Personal Genomics and Implications for Digital Health  
11:00am –  12:00pm

The rapid decline in the cost of sequencing is opening up entire new business models to bring this information to both clinicians and the consumer.  Join the CEOs of Helix and Human Longevity as they share their vision as to how these advances will ultimately shape the future of digital health.  

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