Innovation occurs everywhere, from the bench scientist in a large pharma company to the small academic lab with a team of student researchers to a group of start-up entrepreneurs at a science park near a large city. The challenge is how to best tap into the pulse of ideas and innovation originating from those wellsprings early at the most critical make-or-break moments. Recently, several large pharma companies have established physical presences in well-known “innovation centers” and sought to build relationships as trusted partners of the local biotech and scientific community. This panel will bring together a group of representatives from large pharma, academia, biotech, and VCs to explore and discuss the ‘going local’ approach. Questions we’ll explore include how to balance and bridge local and global, what are some of the barriers to these relationships and how can those barriers be overcome, what can we expect to see in the next five years and how can we plan now to work together locally to transform innovation globally.

Session ID: 24354