Current investment in antimicrobial R&D is insufficient to address growing resistance. US policymakers agree that innovative reimbursement models, if properly aligned with public health goals, could both boost innovation and enable appropriate patient access to critically-needed antibiotics. To date, none has been implemented. As part of a suite of incentives including push and pull incentives, reimbursement reform could help create a more sustainable antibiotic market.

This panel will describe potential reimbursement reform and innovative payment models in the US. Attendees engaged in infectious disease R&D and reimbursement policy reform will learn: what reimbursement reform and innovative payment models could look like in the US, and what’s possible in the short term; how to measure the true societal value of novel antibiotics, how new payment and reimbursement models support appropriate use of novel antibiotics and what changes to stewardship programs are needed to enable them.

Ability Level: Advanced

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