Mateon/Oncotelic Company Presentation

3:45 PM–4:00 PM Jun 4, 2019

Theater 1


Oncotelic recently reverse merged with Mateon (OTCQB:MATN). The combined company is the leader in TGF-β therapeutics and is dedicated to the development of first in class in self-immunization protocol (SIP©) as a durable cure for difficult to treat cancers. This therapeutic cancer vaccine has broad-spectrum applicability for multiple cancer types and does not require extraction of the tumor and isolation of the antigen for immunization- a lengthy/laborious process with limited clinical effectiveness. It showed promising clinical activity in phase 2 trials for the treatment of gliomas and pancreatic cancers. The founding team of Oncotelic was part of the team who developed Abraxane®. Abraxane® was approved in 2005 and has $1B in sales annually. The team later on led the development and commercialization of Cynviloq®, a next-generation Abraxane. Oncotelic intends to leverage its deep expertise in oncology and RNA therapeutic drug development to the eradication of cancer.

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