This gathering will convene BIO attendees with a passion for birding, conservation and sustainable industry practices. We will have special guests including BIO President & CEO, Jim Greenwood, leading international shorebird scientists from New Jersey Audubon, award-winning author Deborah Cramer, as well as an industry leader from Eli Lilly who has pioneered their company’s transition to use of a recombinant endotoxin assay in Lilly’s manufacturing pipeline that doesn’t depend on biologically sourced reagents.

Jim Greenwood's birding photographs from around the world will be on display throughout the event.

Background Information for Biopharma Impacts on Shorebird Conservation

Shorebirds that migrate up and down the Atlantic seaboard are being threatened by long-standing practices of the biopharma industry. All injectable drugs must be tested throughout the manufacturing process for bacterial endotoxin contamination. For decades the test has relied on extracts from the blood of Atlantic horseshoe crabs – with at least 500,000 harvested per year. Dramatic reductions in horseshoe crab populations have had a knock-on effect on shorebirds like sandpipers and red knots that depend on plentiful, energy-packed horseshoe crab eggs laid in the sand at exactly the time the birds are migrating north to breed in the Arctic.

A recombinant assay – equal or superior to the biologically-derived assay, and available for over 20 years – presents biopharma companies with a sustainable, cost-effective opportunity to play a critical role protecting coastal ecosystems and restoring threatened populations of shorebirds and horseshoe crabs. We will explore how companies can advance their production lines to incorporate this sustainable and cost effective alternative.

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