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Company Overview
Biocant is the first Portuguese science and Technology Park specialized in Biotechnology where advanced life sciences knowledge and technology are developed and applied, creating value in business initiatives.

After 10 years of strong commitment in life sciences, BIOCANT is today the major BIOTECH CLUSTER of companies and R&D institutions in Portugal.

Biocant Park provides an unique ecosystem that covers the entire INNOVATION PIPELINE, from knowledge generation and human resources training to the market, including tech transfer, financing, scientific dissemination and industrial production.

Furthermore, Biocant gathers more than 30% of the total national number of BIOTECH COMPANIES and provides a wide variety of services and opportunities to develop a competitive business.

Biocant offers state of the art and high throughput technologies and world-class trained human resources prepared to develop applied R&D in the field of Biotechnology. The model is translated into a series of activities that foster economic development through IP licensing, company creation or joint venture initiatives.