Phalanx Biotech Group

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Company Overview
Since 2004, Phalanx Biotech Group has been active in the genomic marketplace, delivering genomic products and services to research, biotech-pharma and government institutions. We have helped thousands of researchers make valuable discoveries, and publish their findings in top journals, such as Nature, Oncoscience, BMC Genomics and many more.

Our specialty lies in providing exceptional genomic service and top notch bioinformatics support. We provide RNA extraction, gene expression and miRNA profiling on OneArray and Agilent microarray platforms, qPCR and qPCR array service, Next Generation Sequencing on the Illumina platform and a full range of bioinformatics services.

We will help you develop the experimental design, keep you informed throughout the service, facilitate online data delivery, and answer your questions about the data we provide. Should you need greater insights, we can provide a suite of advanced bioinformatics services that can be used for disease identification and drug development.