Company Overview
Accelera, one stop shop service provider for drug development, offers a unique background, built on years as part of global R&D organisations. We provide customer tailored services to select the best drug candidates and develop NCEs, NBEs, Biosimilars, and Cell Based Therapies, running optimised IND enabling studies, as well as reproductive toxicology and ADME studies

• Bioanalysis and PK for preclinical and clinical studies for small molecules and biologics
• Immunogenicity
• Acute and Chronic Toxicology GLP studies in Rodents, Rabbits, Dogs, Monkeys
• ADME/PK studies in all animal species, including Non-Human Primates
• Safety Pharmacology
• Reproductive Toxicology packages
• IND/CTA enabling packages
• High-throughput preclinical profiling and PB/PK modeling
• PK/PD, and population PK data analysis
• Custom synthesis and radiolabelling of small molecules and biologics (14C, 3H, 13C, 2H, 18O, 15N, 125I, etc.)
• Consultancy and preparation of regulatory documentation
• Project Management
• Special expertise in Oncology
Accelera is part of Safety Alliance, a selected number of complementary CRO's located in Europe, to strengthen its position as a global supplier to support regulatory packages for Biotech, Pharma, Medical Devices and Agrochemical companies