Company Overview
Magnomics is a diagnostics technology company committed to delivering a new generation of rapid, portable molecular diagnostic tests with applications in the human health, veterinary, and food industry markets. Affordable, disposable diagnostic cartridges will be produced in large scale and shipped via global distributors. The team behind the company has world class experience in biotechnology, electronics and physics, with a proven track record in managing start-ups. Magnomics has Letters of Intent from leading animal health companies and won the 2015 Kansas City Animal Health Investment Forum innovation award, as well as the Ag Biotech Entrepreneurial Showcase award in North Carolina in 2016. $2.3M in seed financing have been raised through grants and investments. Magnomics is seeking a $5M series A by early 2018 to facilitate the launch of its first product – a laboratory tool for robust and multiplexed DNA detection in any setting –, as well as to develop the fully portable detector for bovine mastitis causing pathogens.