Company Overview
M Bio Thechnology is a world leading company focused on the discovery and development of innovative therapeutic strategy for Mycoplasma Infectous Diseases (MID). M Bio Technology develops innovative vaccine, diagnostics, precision therapy for MID.

MID is a cause of pneumonia, asthma, COPD, Interstitial pneumonia, fibrosis and other various autoimmune diseases (SjS:Stevens-Johnson syndrome), Kawasaki disease, SHP:IgA nephritis, RA:rheumatoid arthritis) and neurological diseases (Epilepsy, CIDP:chronic inflammatory degenerative polyneuropathy, Parkinson's disease, GBS, CFS/FM), also stroke.

The pathogenesis of Mycoplasma Infectious Diseases (MID) is systemic vasculitis/neuritis, which had been made it extremely difficult to diagnose and treat (MID SpectrumTM). M Bio Technology Inc. develops innovative vaccine (MID VaccineTM), diagnostics (MID PrismTM), precision therapy (MID Precision MedicineTM) for Mycoplasma Infectious Diseases (MID).

M Bio Thechnology has acquired international patents for the diagnosis, prevention, and precision treatment of MIDs, which include not only pneumonia and asthma but also intractable neurological, skin, and renal diseases, in which common pathological mechanism is inflammation/fibrosis around blood vessel and nerves throughout the entire body caused by MIDs.

The advanced precision medicine using the new diagnostics has been proposed since April, 2012. The precise mesurement of antibodies in sera started in alliance with diagnostics and clinics. It becomes possible to find MID at an early stage, and to treat. At present, there are already more than 50 clinics/hospitals.

Precision Medicine for Mycoplasma Infectious Diseases (MID):
M Bio Technology Inc. is seeking for partnering opportunities to create global network for the advanced medicine.

Innovative diagnostics for Mycoplasma Infectious Disases (MID):
M Bio Technology Inc. is seeking for partners of new therapeutic drugs or re-positioning with pharmaceutical industries using the innovative mycoplasma companion diagnostics.

We are also looking for the opportunities to have financial support and investment..