Company Overview
Bheshaj Innovations (P) Ltd. (BIPL), is a healthcare startup. Its primary focus is to come up with Simple Yet Innovative Solutions predominantly in the Infection Control Arena. In addition, the solutions must address the issue of “antibiotic resistance build-up”.
The company is currently working on two products:
STERCATH - Catheter Lock Solution to minimise catheter related infections &
B-Clear Spray - Antimicrobial Spray for Dermal Infections

Catheters are essential for hospitalized patients, which tend to get
infected as well as clogged. Each year >250,000 episodes of Catheter Related Infections are reported in USA alone with a mortality rate of ~12.5%. In India, the incidence of Catheter Related Infections ranges from >15-45%.

Available options fail to cater to the requirements i.e. SAFE TO BE FLUSHED INTO BLOODSTREAM AFTER USE, broadspectrum antimicrobial efficacy, anticoagulant efficacy, preservative free, minimal resistance development, etc.

“STERCATH” – It is catheter lock-flush solution which would primarily be filled
within the catheters between treatments for patients undergoing hemodialysis,
chemotherapy, long-term antibiotic therapy etc. Thus, minimizing/preventing infections within catheters and clot formation at tip of catheter. Consequently resulting in enhanced catheter life, reduced patient trauma, reduced healthcare costs, and reduced antibiotic resistance. The extremely easy to use method, i.e. flushing into bloodstream after use, would minimize training requirements as well as easy acceptance in compromised facilities.

Over 10% of American population suffers from various dermal infections. These could be on the back, groin, foot, nails etc. >14% women globally in their reproductive age suffer from Vaginal infections. In addition, 750,000 people die each year globally, from antibiotic resistance. The infections are on the rise due to multiple reasons such as compromised hygiene, unregulated use of products, etc. Available options such as creams, powders, gels etc. suffer from limitations such as slow acting, antifungal or antibacterial only, resistance build-up etc.

“B-Clear” – It is broad-spectrum antimicrobial spray, which could be directly
sprayed on the affected area. Being a spray, it is extremely easy to use. This would be very helpful for women suffering from vaginal infections since it could be easily used in compromised public facilities too where water availability may be an issue.