Company Overview
Xyken, LLC is a healthcare software provider. Leveraging our proprietary 3D imaging and Artificial Intelligent (AI) technologies, we deliver mobile and PC platform based medical solutions.

Our main products include:

(1). iDr App: An automatic wound heal monitoring 3D app. iDr allows doctors or patients to video a wound with one’s own smartphones. It then provides the wound’s perimeter, area, and volume. Over the time, iDr tracks the wound’s growth trend and display the results on the charts. In addition, iDr also provides wound appearance classification, assisting practitioners in quantitative or objective diagnosis. Key advantages of iDr include: it is totally non-invasive; the measurement results are quantitative thus it avoids diagnosis discrepancy among different practitioners; and it needs no extra equipment cost rather than the readily available smartphones. Practitioners can export the documented results to insurance company. iDr is protected under a pending patent. Its measurement accuracy was reported on the Journal of the American College of Clinical Wound Specialists Volume 8, Issues 1–3, 2016, Pages 21-27.

(2). Popup App: 3D imaging app for lymphedema monitoring, custom foot orthotics, custom hearing aid, etc. Our Popup app is designed for general volume and area measurement simply through a video on a human body part (limbs). There is no need to purchase expensive 3D equipment. Our app provides the measurement in 3D within minutes.

(3). SureScan SDK 3D: Fast 3D acquisition software and the associated FPGA synchronization hardware. SureScan SDK provides a DIY solution for researchers or product integrators who are interested in structured light 3D imaging technology. This patented technology provides highly accurate 3D data (better than 0.1mm) in less than 1 second.

Xyken’s key research interests include: patient monitoring through tele-medicine, image guided disease detection, chronic condition management, as well as industrial process automation through 3D imaging. With the patented and patent pending technologies, we thrive to be the leader in 3D imaging and aim to provide leap-frog 2D and 3D solutions (e.g. 3D mobile app, 3D cameras, and 3D scanners) for our customers. Our products can be cloud based, dynamic, and scalable for various applications covering different disciplines. Over the years of research and development efforts, we successfully worked with world renowned medical institutes such as Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins Medical School, Stanford Medical School, and Vanderbilt University Medical School. The collaboration experience has greatly facilitated the success of our products, especially in 3D imaging.