Company Overview
Recombinant Technologies LLC [RTL], is a privately held pre-clinical stage biotechnology company. RTL has been involved in the development of novel treatments for Alzheimer's Disease. Our patented API Amytrap is an injectable and has been shown to deplete circulating amyloid associated with brain amyloid depletion and memory improvement. We have demonstrated POC in vitro and invivo in model mice. The drug is well tolerated in rats and dogs and safe even at 50x the efficacy dose. Unlike the failed antibodies to treat AD, Amytrap is safe, easy to make and stable for long term of upto 18 months. It does not induce any untoward immune or non immune side effects.
We have recently extended Amytrap's application and designed a device called 'Amytrapper' an extracorporeal device incorporating the same API, Amytrap. The current stage of development is at the in vitro level. In vivo studies to test this device in a rat model is underway.
The device will be useful to deplete circulating amyloid from patients/potential patients/those prediscposed to AD as a sit in procedure like hemodilaysis. Amytrapper is the first of its kind to detoxify patients blood. We are unaware of any competing devices at present. Commericalization of the device will