Harri Jarvelainen

Independent Consultant
BiotechGo Consulting
Beijing, CN

My biotech consultancy works with small-medium sized biotech companies from the US and EU. IND-enabling packages with seed-level financing.

My services include:

1)         Nonclinical consulting, such as management of fast-moving and cost-effective discovery / preclinical / toxicology programs (mostly IND-enabling) and preparation of regulatory submissions to Western agencies (US FDA, EMA) and/or the Chinese FDA (CFDA).  

2)         My niche is to outsource everything to Chinese CROs and CMOs, leading to significant (up to 75%) cost savings to these early stage companies. More info: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/chinese-cros-accelerated-cost-effective-early-phase-harri

3)         As the programs progress towards IND/Phase I, I also contribute to Series A fund raising and various aspects of transformation into a clinical stage company.

4)         Raising Chinese VC funding and partnering / out-licensing the China arm of the dual-compliant program.

More info here: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/chinese-cros-accelerated-cost-effective-early-phase-harri


I have more than 20 years of diverse scientific, managerial and executive experience, including 12 years in pharmaceutical industry – covering the development of small molecules and biologicals from discovery to early development in multiple therapeutic areas. I received my Veterinary Medicine and PhD degrees at University of Helsinki and undertook postdoctoral training at New York University Medical Center and Max Planck Institute. I am an author on over 30 peer-reviewed scientific publications and have served as Adjunct Professor of Toxicology at University of Helsinki since 2004. I have Toxicology Board Certifications both from the US (DABT) and Europe (ERT).

Specialties: Drug discovery and development, IND, preclinical, toxicology, discovery toxicology, pharmaceuticals, biologicals, pharmacology, project management, China, CRO, oncology, peptides, proteins, animal models, CFDA, FDA, cancer.



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