Dr. Tari Suprapto, PhD

Director, Business Development
salk institute for biological studies
La Jolla, CA, US
Tari Suprapto is the Director for Business Development in the Office of Technology Development. She is primarily responsible for creating and nurturing partnerships between Salk and the life sciences industry to support the ongoing research effort of Salk’s scientists, which is directed to discoveries that benefit the public. Prior to joining Salk, Tari was part of the Office of Technology Transfer at The Rockefeller University for 11 years, first as a Technology Manager and eventually the Assistant Director for Outreach & Commercialization. She also spent two years as a Licensing Assistant at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center’s Office of Industrial Liaison. Tari has a Ph.D. in cellular and structural biology from The Rockefeller University, a BA (Honors) in Biology from Swarthmore College. She received her RTTP credential in 2014 and is an active member of AUTM.