Joerg Bauer

Head of Scouting and Insight, Bioscience Research
Research Triangle Park, NC, US
Joerg Bauer obtained his diploma in biology from University of Hohenheim and acquired his Ph.D. in plant biochemistry from ETH Zurich on the topic of protein import into chloroplasts. He has a strong background in biochemistry and molecular biology, reflected in several high level publications. Joerg held a number of positions in research and business units at BASF being responsible for research projects, project management and recently Scouting. He started his career in the field of engineering plant lipids, being then responsible for the research phase of BASFs EPA/DHA Canola product containing healthy fatty acids, jointly developed with Cargill. Subsequently he took over a leading role in gene discovery for improving yield in crop plants and then the project management of the global Rice Yield project of BASF, improving the yield of rice. Both roles included strong interactions with other major players in plant biotechnology. Since 2016, Joerg is the responsible manager within BASF Bioscience Research for the “California Research Alliance (CARA) by BASF”, together with UC Berkeley, where he oversees the interactions of the local BASF Bioscience manager at UC Berkeley for the collaborations between West Coast universities and BASF in the field of bioscience.