Karen Antebi

Economic Counselor
Embassy of Mexico Trade & NAFTA Office
Washington, DC, US
Karen Antebi is Economic Counselor for the Trade and NAFTA Office of the Ministry of the Economy of Mexico, in Washington, D.C. The office is in charge of promoting the trade relationship between Mexico and the United States and ensures proper implementation of the NAFTA. It engages with relevant stakeholders from the academic, private, and public sectors on the key trade issues that affect the bilateral relationship and also addresses global issues that are relevant to the NAFTA region. Karen has 15+ years of front-line Washington experience in devising and implementing government-business-stakeholder strategies on complex issues across multiple sectors, including manufacturing, agriculture and IT. Before rejoining the Trade and NAFTA Office at the Embassy of Mexico in 2016, Karen spent the past three years at BSA |The Software Alliance leading the global license compliance advocacy program to encourage greater awareness of the importance of software compliance and digital risk among the C-Suite, governments and publicly listed companies. As Economic Counselor at the Embassy and, previously, as Chief of Staff to Mexico’s Deputy Secretary of Commerce, Karen has coordinated the interests of numerous departments and agencies at the highest levels of government in Mexico, the U.S., and abroad. She has a deep understanding of government decision-making processes and vast experience in setting a common agenda and securing support for specific policies from government agencies, trade associations, non-profit organizations, private sector leaders and members of the diplomatic community. Karen was a member of Mexico’s NAFTA negotiating team and has designed and executed strategies to resolve a number of high-profile bilateral trade disputes, including cross-border trucking. She is multicultural and bilingual. She holds a BA from Brandeis University and an MA in International Policy Studies from Stanford University.
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