Evree Corporation
Toronto Ontario CANADA
Doug is Chief Executive Officer of Evree Corp. a Toronto-based technology company founded in 2015. The firm is designing and deploying customer engagement and financial services fulfillment technology. He is also currently an investor and advisor in financial technology companies: BEworks Inc. and StreetContxt. Doug has had a long career incubating, investing and advising financial technology companies including, Integrated Analytics (Now Investment Technology Group), Visible Decisions, CBID, VERSUS Technologies, E*TRADE Canada, and Perimeter Financial Corp. As a panelist, Doug will host a session entitled “Financial challenges in digital health adoption”. In addition to the other challenges faced by mental health populations, access to care is often obstructed by financial considerations. MH patients are often also in poor financial health, unemployed or even destitute. In order to grant them access to digital health solutions, which may aid them in at least partially resolving their problems, novel and sustainable financing models need to be devised. Doug will discuss aspects of financing support in the context of providing mental health patients with digital health solutions for helping them cope in everyday life.
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