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Dar-Bin Shieh is a Physician Scientist in NCKU Medical Center. He got his Doctor of Medical Sciences degree and pathology clinical training at Harvard University in 1997 and worked as a post-doctor research fellow in Brigham and Women Hospital after graduation for two years. He was recruited by National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan in 1999 and served as co-PI of a National Science Program Project for Biotechnology and Pharmaceutics in 2000. He is also the executive secretary for the project of the Center for Biomedical Excellent and Synergy in Taiwan (BEST) and the reviewer of the Taiwan Photon Source Project. He currently leads a Taiwan-Canadian international collaboration project in cancer molecular imaging, a National Nano Science and Technology Program Project with Pharmaceutics Industry and a Southern Taiwan Science Park project in medical device development. Since this Sep.,He was appointed as the deputy minister of ministry of science and technology and the CEO of BioMed Taiwan.
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